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It is a system for measuring of fuel level, water level and temperature of fuel in the tanks and control of interstitial level sensor.


The measuring system consists of a magnetostrictive fuel level measuring probes and controllers. In addition it is possible to connect to the controller various leak sensors, tank interstitial level control sensors, vapor and density sensors, printer, modem, personal computer, cash register, etc. Alpha

The liquid crystal indicator of the controller displays information on the fuel level in the tank, in mm, recounted according the introduced tank calibration tables, the amount of fuel in liters, the amount of fuel residual until the tank filling, the amount of fuel fillings in the tank, and so on.



height: 23,5 cm
width: 31,1 cm
depth: 13,3 cm
Power supply: 100-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.0A
Working temperature: 0° – 60°C
ALARM signal circuit: contact – 30 VAC/DC 2A
The maximum number of probes: 16 probes and/or sensors
I.S. interface module: 14,5 VDC, 220 mA, 6,4 mF 6 mH


Controller is mounted behind the explosion hazardous area.

Controller has internal current barriers meeting



The probe measures the level of fuel and water by the magnetostrictive method. The fuel temperature is measured also.

Two floats are mounted on the probe. The upper float rests on the fuel surface, the lower float – on the water – fuel line. The whole design of the probe is made of stainless steel, the electronic block cylinder – of aluminum.

Five temperature sensors measure the temperature of the fuel. They are positioned approximately 10%, 20%, 40%, 60% and 80% of the probe length.

Temperature range: -40°C – +60°C
Electronics box dimensions: with  the connection 26cm x 5,5cm
Cable: 1,83 m, resistant to petrol and oil
The probe power supply: from the controller unit

Certificate: Eex ia IIA T4
Resolution of fuel level measurement 0,0127 mm
Resolution of temperature measurement 0,0005°C
Resolution of water level measurement 0,254 mm
Accuracy of fuel level measurement ± 1 mm