Environmental requirements, that become more and more stringent, make us wonder how we can protect better the environment from contaminated wastewater. JSC „Unitechna“ represents treatment plants by German company utp umwelttechnik pöhnl GmbH , which can help you to resolve any concerns .


  • Designing
    Our professional staff will help you with any design issues! Presentation of drawings, testing and on-site consultations or  advice of competent partners. If you wish, we will include you in the planning process, from the first idea generation to the start of the equipment.
  • Delivery
    We deliver equipment to any construction site. We deliver individual components or  complete sets of treatment plants. You just tell us where and when we need to deliver the equipment.
  • Installation
    Our team will prepare  properly the place and  assemble your treatment plant.
  • Start-up
    We will solve all issues related to the treatment plants, the inspection and certification. We also explain the main treatment plant operating principles, and will make a brief maintenance instruction.
  • Technical service
    Maintenance of treatment plants is a very important service to our company in order to ensure the smooth functioning of your treatment plants. We will help you in all matters.