JSC „UNITECHNA“ carries out technical service of the following equipment:

  • Dispensers manufactured by  Wayne, Tokheim, Adast  and other companies,
  • Fiscal cash registers: EcoFuel, MasterPos, ISM3000, Ada,
  • Systems for measurement of fuel level in the tanks: OPW SiteSentinel, Veeder-root, Hectronic,
  • Automatic fuel accounting systems UniMachine,
  • Equipment delivering liquefied gas,
  • Compressed natural gas equipment,
  • Minor repairs are carried out.

Entrust faults to professionals!

Service centers are always ready to provide qualified assistance to your petrol station equipment:
in Lithuania:

Phone: +370-616-44777; We work 24/7.

in Latvia
in Byelorussia
in Ukraine

During operation of technilogical devices malfunctions are inevitable. Modern technological devices are complex, therefore specialized technical service companies should be invited for elimination of their faults. JSC“UNITECHNA“ offers:

  • Warranty  service: – elimination of faults and replacement of components and units with  manufacturing defects, or made of defective materials over particular time (depending on the specific equipment – 6 or 12 months).
  • Technical service: – work package which includes washing-cleaning works, fixing, control–adjustment  works, as well as the inspection of technical condition of the devices, components and units.
  • Scheduled repair: – work package related to  elimination of small faults, as well as indispensable replacement of individual devices and units for particularly safe operation of equipment, protecting ir from the accelerated wear and damage.
  • Routine repair: – work package related to elimination of complex faults of equipment units and components by election-assemblage or repair-reconstructive works on the scheduled date.
  • Emergency  repair: – work package related to elimination of  faults of equipment units and components by election-assemblage or repair-reconstructive works.These operations shall be carried out in case of failure.
  • Mounting works: – work package related  to the installation of components and units not covered by the standard basic equipment  configuration.
  • Start-up and adjusment works: – work package providing the start of  equipment operation. During the works the complement of the equipment, its technical condition and operation are being checked, as well as the adequate guidance and counseling  are being provided.
  • Staff training: – theoretical and practical training of operators  to work with the equipment.