UAB „UNITECHNA“ is a company working in service and construction of petrol stations. Since the establishment it is an official distributor of the biggest manufacturer of fuel dispensers WAYNE AB in Lithuania, Belarus, Kaliningrad region (Russia) and since 2010 in Latvia.

UAB „UNITECHNA“ has been established in 1995 and started with providing technical service, selling equipment for petrol station networks and private stations. Since 1998 company began working in construction of petrol stations and later supplemented it‘s range of services with cleaning of tanks and oil/water separators, repairing of KARCHER professional equipment. Currently, UAB „UNITECHNA“ has five service centers in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Panevėžys and Mažeikiai. It means that company‘s employees are able to solve problems of clients in all over Lithuania professionally and in time.

UAB „UNITECHNA“ pays great attention to innovation and improvement of service. Achievements of the company are the results of team members’ expertise and enthusiasm. The aim to improve company‘s activities firstly reflects in the work of the leaders, where they:

  • o        Create mission of a company. Mission of UAB „UNITECHNA“ is getting the maximum satisfaction of customer by providing construction, installation of equipment and setup, cleaning and maintenance service in the sphere of petroleum products.
  • Review and improve leadership effectiveness and performance. Guided by the principles of modern management: their approach to customers, partners, suppliers and employees is flexible and quickly adaptable to changing conditions.
  • Promote creativity, innovation and understanding of the rights. The leaders promote not only professional, but also friendly relations with their subordinates. They create a friendly atmosphere that enables employees to ask questions and apply for help directly. The leaders support their employees to get training and encourage them to excel. Young professionals are expected to be creative and innovative in their work.
  • Promote the learning. Development in the company is organized through education. The leaders organize discussions of various projects, send stuff to training courses in Lithuania and Sweden, Germany, etc. arrange meetings with professionals, contribute to the improvement of quality issues. It is not forbidden for employees to study by themselves or with the sending by the company. When it is necessary, study’s vacations or shortened working days are always granted.
  • Promote cooperation between organizations. Very close cooperation is with WAYNE AB in Sweden. Programmers and workers of technical service are trained free of charge by WAYNE professionals. This is how the newest and most advanced technologies are developed in the field of service station‘s equipment.
  • Seek continuous quality management systems assurance. Company‘s certificates reflects strengthening of competitive advantages and efficiency. UAB „UNITECHNA“ is certificated and has the certificate issued by the Lithuanian Ministry of Environment and the certified personnel is working in the company.
Clients and Partners