Ecofuel-is a system developed by JSC “Training Expert Group”, to control the petrol stations and accounting. The system consists of a personal computer, a fiscal printer, monitor (may be touching), barcode scanner, card reader, dispenser controller, mouse and keyboard. The cash register program   has convenient user interface, which is easy and convenient to use.

When a customer needs changes, the manufacturer can easily upgrade program to the wishes and expectations of each client (before use, the updated program must be certified).

Functionality of Ecofuel system

  • Registration with a password
  • The sale of fuel and goods in one receipt (the receipt may have several fillings and products)
  • Printing of customer details in a receipt
  • Printing of  graphic logo
  • The registration of fuel supply
  • Goods receiving
  • Product search by barcode or name
  • The sale of electronic goods (Gsm recharge and other commodities)
  • Printing of X, Z and other reports
  • Manual or automatic mode of a petrol station (payment before filling or after it)
  • Types of payment: cash, cash in currency, credit, bank card, technical service (doing repairs)
  • Six VAT rates
  • Attachment/withdrawal of money in Litas or currency
  • Total and percentage doscounts on fuel, products or groups of products
  • Printing of invoices
  • Generating of various reports according to client‘s needs, specifying the date, shift number or other search criteria
  • Transfer of sales data to the accounting systems